Products we recommend

There are lots of companies making and selling dog products, each claiming that their own is the best. The following products are tried, tested and recommended by Little Orchard.

The ZoomGroom by KONG
ZoomGroom-(1).jpgThe KONG ZoomGroom is the best grooming and shampooing brush available.
It removes loose hair like a magnet, and it stimulates capillaries and natural oil product for healthy skin and a healthy coat.
It is kind to the Dog and doesn't cause any pain as it's made out of a rubber like material. 

Rawhide FLAT chews
148-500x500-(2).jpgRawhide flat chews are a natural product that are safe for Puppies and Dogs. 
It allows the Dog to have "time out" and chew which is a must for a teething Puppy. 
We advise against "twisted chews" and "knotted rawhides" as they have bits that can break off so we only advise feeding the flat chews.  

A good quality Whistle and Lanyard
Whistle.jpgA whistle recall is one of those "tools" that we all like to have banked in case we ever find ourselves in a situation where we need a good accurate recall over distance. 
We sell Acme Gun Dog whistles in 2 pitches - 211.5 and 210.5. 


An Interactive Feeder
Interactive-Toys.jpgInteractive feeders allow food to be given in a fun and challenging way for the Dog.
They provide mental stimulation and are good "boredom busters" if you are leaving your dog alone. 
Those pictured are a KONG, A Gorilla, a Green Interactive Feeder and an Interactive Dog Maze. 
They are all available at Little Orchard.   
A Metal Crate
Crate.jpgCrates come in a variety of Sizes, Shapes and Colours but essentially they are all the same.
They provide a safe "Den" for your dog where they can have their own space. 
We feed our own dogs in their crates and shut them in at night or when we go out. 
For more details on crate training, see our advice page by CLICKING HERE 

A piece of Non-slip bedding
Vet-bed.jpgPet bedding comes in a variety of colours in both standard and non-slip varieties. We stock the non-slip variety as it is more practical.
Vet bedding can be used as a "settle mat", to cover beds or to line a crate base. 
Vet bedding is machine washable, allowing for easy cleaning and a more hygienic environment.

A Clicker
download.jpgAt Little Orchard we use "Clicker training" from our Kennel Club Bronze Award upwards. At Bronze we provide a clicker free of charge. We recommend the i-click by Karen Pryer. They are easy to use and less awkward than traditional box clickers.
The Clicker is used to mark a behaiour (imagine taking a photograh of a great behaviour and the clicker being the camera button). It is a consistent sound for the dog and will ALWAYS be followed by reward.  

Bungee tug toys
tug-e-nuffaug12_33__1.jpgWhether playing with a Puppy or using a toy for reward in agility, we recommend bungee tig toys. The toys shown are made by Tug-E-Nuff  but there are other manufacturers making the same style toys.
They are made with an elactic shock cord handle which means as the Dog tugs the toy, they tug against the bungee. It prevents the feeling of your arm being pulled away :-)

ALL of the products listed above can be purchased from Little Orchard. 

You can either visit us at Little Orchard or request an item from your trainers and it will be ready for you to collect at class on the following lesson.