As well as being a training option for dogs, agility is a mentally and physically challenging. The dogs have great fun and exercise whilst testing out your training and control. 

We have all breeds and sizes of dogs on our Agility Courses. It is especially good stimulation for working breed dogs or dogs that find obedience training difficult to concentrate on.

Agility can be great fun for handlers too, increasing your bond with your dog, your understanding of each other and is great exercise.  All training is done in a positive way and we are happy for you to use treats, praise, toys, and clicker training.

No rough handling of dogs is allowed at any of our lessons. If this occurs you may be warned but if it persists you may be asked to leave the course.

Our equipment professional competition equipmennt and includes plastic jumps and aluminium & rubber contact pieces.
Here is a list of Agility euipment we will use:
  • Tunnels: Rigid and flat tunnels
  • Weaves: Upright weaves, channel weaves
  • Jumps: Tire jump, Cavaletti jumps, KC height jumps, long jump
  • Contact equipment: The A frame, dog walk, see saw

Teaching on our contact equipment starts off at ground level or with mini equipment. As you progress and gradually grow in confidence, you will find you start to support your dog until they have learnt the equipment. However, as they learn, it will be your challenge to learn and adapt your handling skills to progress further and keep up with the dog.

NOTE: Some of the Agility equipment can be damaging to dogs whose joints are still developing. Therefore we will not allow young dogs (under 12 months) to fully use certain pieces of equipment.

At Little Orchard we hold Agility sessions booked in blocks.  The handler and their dog have exclusive use of the equipment and trainer. Each session lasts for 30 minutes.  The training is tailored to suit the individual handlers requirements. You do not have to compete in competition Agility to join this training course. 

Footwear - Lessons will only take place if the appropriate footwear is worn. Open toe footwear such as sandals and heavy boots are not suitable. We reccommend trainers or football boots with a good grip.