Rally & Obedience Club

What is Rally & Obedience Club?

Our "Rally Club" which is an ongoing competition club with classes every week. This covers all levels of signs as well as judging and stewarding.
Rally Club is designed for those Dog and Handler Teams that have completed the Starter's Course and the Intermediate Rally Course. 

When is Rally & Obedience Club held?

Rally Club is booked in blocks of sessions. There are currently 5 places in each group. The next sessions are below:

1 22/01
2 29/01
3 05/02
4 12/02
5 26/02
6 05/03
7 12/03
8 19/03
9 26/03
10 02/04

Club Results:

Club Rally results will be published here.

Useful Rally Club information:

The following information is provided as a Guide to anyone at Rally Club who is thinking of competing with their Dog:

Register for competition -


Firstly, if your dog is not a Kennel Club registered pedigree (has a Kennel Club registered name and number), you will need to register them on the Kennel Club activity register.
You may need to be creative with your Dogs "working" to ensure that you get a name that you want.
Once you have registered your dog you will be able to enter Kennel Club competitions.

Where to find show information - 

All rally competitions, workshops, show reports, etc are found on www.rallynews.co.uk
There is also a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/rallyonews
You can monitor forthcoming shows here and work out ones in the local area. A few months before the show, the entry form and schedule will be available to download. The form and payment should normally be returned 30 days before the show, but the deadline will clearly be stated on the schedule/entry form. Most entry forms must be posted back with a cheque payment, although online entries are starting to become more common.

Competing - 
What Level do I enter?
As you are new to Rally you will enter at Level 1, you may also consider entering Level 2 alongside. However, during your first few shows while you and your dog are getting used to the environment and competing you may want to just concentrate on one round but watch the other rounds to get experience.
You can also attend Rally competitions NFC (Not For Competition) and just spectate and give yourself and your dog time to accustom to the show onment. As show days can be stressful and you will feel nervous, it is best not to compete until you both feel ready to do so.
Before show day
Approximately 7-14 days before the show, you will receive your running order and class allocations, these maybe sent via email or post (show’s discretion). You will need to read this through; check you and your dog’s details are correct, and notify the show secretary immediately of any errors.
If all details are correct make a note of your class/es, the time the show opens, the walk through time and the judging time.
For example, if a show opens at 8.30am with a walk through at 9am, you would ideally be there at 8.30am to book in at the show secretary’s table and collect your ring number

Things to take with you:
A safety pin to attach your ring number
Tasty Tidbits although these cannot be used in the ring they can be used when practising outside of the ring and after your round to reward your dog
Lead standard non-retractable lead
Collar not half or full check
Poo bags
Food & Drink  for yourself, although there are often food vans at the shows, you may wish to take your own supplies
Water for your dog

At the ringside                                       
You will need to be at the ringside a few dogs prior to your running order number as there is no guarantee what time exactly you will be called in and if you miss your turn you may not get a second chance. Time allowed per dog is 4minutes, but often it’s a lot quicker than this.
Ensure your ring number is pinned on you clearly for the judge to see, but not somewhere which may distract your dog. If you have more than one dog make sure you have the right number and dog with you!
You cannot take tidbits or toys into the ring; these must be left outside the ring, either on the steward’s table (if allowed) or ideally with a friend.
When your number is called, signal to the steward you are there and make your way to the ring entrance. They will confirm you and your dog’s details and explain any warm up area that is available to use in the ring before you pass the start sign and the timer commences.
Relax enjoy your round!
Once you have completed your round, the judge sometime offers feedback. Thank the judge, praise your dog with love and cuddles, and you can wait and see if the judge has any feedback. Once you leave the ring you can then reward your dog with food or toy but do it away from the ringside so not to disturb other competitors.